• OPTIX Stationary GUARD

    Stationary integrated systems for highly efficient surveillance and security Are you are in need of a professional defence for your strategic area and the important facilities incorporated? Just
  • OPTIX Mobile GUARD

    Imagine the perfect integrated system in a mobile version. Fully autonomous. Providing unparalleled comfort for the operators, combined with the basic chassis’ speed and the ability to overcome
  • OPTIX Marine GUARD

    They provide speed, precision, responsibility and professionalism when rescuing human lives in the S&R area.
  • OPTIX Blue Border

    The integrated system for monitoring and protection of the Bulgarian Black Sea frontier "Blue" border is built and maintained by the ATO consortium, whose member is OPTIX Co. It provides the Bulgaria
  • OPTIX HeatseekIR Series H4/M4/L4 - Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera

    The HeatSeekIR series is represented  by three highly sensitive cooled thermal imaging cameras. The system is suitable to be used in border control land and marine protected areas.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera Goliath 40-300

    Goliath 40-300 is a long range uncooled thermal imaging camera, perfect for integration into surveillance systems. The camera allows 24-hours surveillance in total darkness and harsh weather condition
  • OPTIX DayBreaker LR HD neXt

    OPTIX DayBreaker LR HD neXt е нова дългообхватна мега­пикселова камера с ви­сока резолюция, под­ходяща за интеграция в охранителни и на­блюдателни системи, позволяваща високо­качес

    OPTIX DMC (digital magnetic compass / цифров магнитен компас) е прецизен модул за определяне на Север, работещ във всякакви метеорологични условия, навсякъде върху Земята. OPTIX DMC използва магнитно

    OPTIX GPS Receiver е прецизен GPS приемник, който може да получава данни за местонахождение във всякакви метеорологични условия, навсякъде върху Земята. На база на получената от OPTIX GPS Receiver ин

    OPTIX VSM (Video Stabilization Module) is specialized module for video stabilization. This stand-alone module has built-in video stabilizers, which significantly improve the quality of the video image
  • OPTIX LRF 10

    The laser rangefinder OPTIX LRF 10 measures the distance to the observed target. OPTIX LRF 10 is Class 1 eyesafe laser rangefinder with wavelength 1.54 μm. The laser rangefinder shows up to t
  • OPTIX PAnORAMIx360 - Pan/tilt unit

    The pan/tilt unit is the main module in every high rank integrated system. It serves for precise directing of the assembled surveillance and measurement sensors in the operator’s desired directi